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Why Easting ?

Advanced skills and a high-quality profile make Easting your ideal partner for the development of your products.
Our experience in the testing field allows us to guide the customer from the first steps of setting up the measurement setup by choosing and supplying the most appropriate instrumentation, to the analysis / processing of the measured data.
The Electronics division within the Easting group represents an added value in terms of skills and ability to develop new tools and customization of measurement solutions according to customer needs.

We offer:

General Testing

Temperature, Shift, Power, Pressure, Elongation, Flux, Strain


Vehicle ride-comfort, Gearbox/Driveline/Powertrain characterization, EMA, ODS, TPA, Acoustic Intensity and Holography, Jury testing


Components vibrational analysis, Torsional analysis, Condition monitoring

Vibrational Bench

PSD profile tailoring and definition, Accelerated life testing, Satellite testing

Electronics Development

HW/SW development, Embedded system, Signal conditioning

Sensor Prototyping and Customization
FEM modeling

Model Simulation, Update and Data correlation

Mechanical Prototyping

CNC milling machining and SLA rapid prototyping

Sensor Calibration

Torque and Force calibration and Shaft Balancing benches