Measurement instruments are complex systems which increasingly involves knowledge, disciplines, skills and technologies to achieve the primary purpose of supporting the expert in his decisions. The electronic division was created with the aim of developing high performance rugged measurement systems for harsh environment with a particular attention to metrological aspects. We provide our customers with both off-the-shelf measurement systems and custom solutions, depending on the application requirements.

Measurement devices and
Acquisition systems

Our instruments are mainly oriented towards industrial and experimental applications, typically concerning the measurements of physical parameters like strain, temperature, pressure, force, acceleration, etc.
Our systems are suitable for use even on movable parts thanks to our wireless power transfer system, used in our battery-less equipment, and a telemetry system for the transmission of acquired data. Moreover, we offer customization services of our products in order to cater for specific customer requirements.

Sensors and Conditioning systems

Thanks to our knowledge in sensors and analog electronics development we offer our support in the choice of the right sensor for the specific application target and the related signal conditioning and acquisition chain.

Electronics development

We provide support to our customers in designing and developing their projects. Our competences include:

  Analog and digital electronics
  Signal processing
  Virtual instruments and datalogging
  Embedded systems
  RF and connectivity
  PC and mobile applications
  IoT – Cloud – M2M