In our vision Testing includes Experimental Test Setup, Physics Measurement and Data Analysis, aimed at understanding and studying the physics behind a particular phenomenon. Testing plays a key role in problem identification and solving and it is crucial in the most recent design process. Computer-aided engineering, simulation and virtual prototyping are useful tools for cost reduction and time to market but they also require real data acquired on the field for correlation and updating. The Testing division is the right partner for the experimental testing execution, metrological and test procedure definition.


Vibration analysis applied to vehicles

Noise, Vibration and Hearshness is a discipline which studies the noise and vibration characteristics of vehicles. While noise and vibration can be readily measured, harshness is a subjective quality, and is quantified either via "jury" evaluations, or with analytical tools, so-called psychoacoustics, that can provide results reflecting human subjective impressions.

Vehicle ride-comfort
Gearbox, driveline, pumps characterization (idle, rattle, whine, etc.)
Powertrain and driveline NVH
Experimental and Numerical Modal Analysis
Operational Deflection Shapes
Rotating Machinery diagnosis
Transfer Path Analysis and structural propagation analysis
Acoustic Intensity and holography techniques
Jury testing

General Vibrations

The Fourier time-frequency data acquisition and analysis expertise has been applied to general testing and to improve:

Vibrational fingerprint
Engine timing chain torsional vibration
Flywheel whirling and wobbling
Driveline torsional vibration
Component vibrational qualification definition and control
Damage root cause investigation
Failure detection and analysis
Condition monitoring
Bearing defects and failure detection

Electrodynamic test bench

For Accelerated Life and Reliability Testing

To perform a new prototype validation or endurance test in a short time, electrodynamic test bench is the proper solution when you have the right PSD profile to drive it.
We offer the latest condensation techniques developed in collaboration with Academic world for PSD profile synthesis and test bench rental: the brain of University and the muscles of Industry

Field Test requirements definition
PSD profile tailoring and synthesis
Accelerated life testing
Climatic chamber
Satellite testing